About the Program


The Graduate Program in Social Anthropology is an MS program of the Department of Sociology. Students take SAN and SOC coded graduate level courses and are required  to carry out field research for their thesis work. The language of instruction is English.


Faculty members work on issues such as migration, gender, religion, transnationality, and political, economic, and urban anthropology. The area focus is on Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. 


Degree: M.S. with Thesis


Application criteria are listed on


Degree Requirements:

-          2 required courses on anthropological theory and methods (SAN 501 and SAN 502)

-          4 elective courses offered by the programs of Social Anthropology and Sociology, of which up to two can be 3xx or 4xx level courses

-          1 free graduate elective

-          Non-credit prothesis seminar

-          Master’s thesis


The master's degree and courses should be completed within 4 semesters, but students can extend the period of writing the thesis by a maximum of another 2 semesters.