Past Anthropology Talks

I: Jak den Exter: "Ethnicity and Migration: The Case of International Migration from Emirdag to Europe"

II: Kamal Malhotra: "The UN and Turkey: Current Challenges"

III: Harun Kaygan: "Studying Design: Nationalism in Turkish Coffee, Gender in Lego, and Other Things"

IV: Mehmet Baris Kuymulu: "The Value of the Right to the City"

V: Anja Weiss: "Work in Transition: Cultural Capital and Highly Skilled Migrants' Passages into the Labour Market"

VI: Pinar Kaygan: "Exploring the Creative Workplace: Relations of Gender, Hierarchy, and Power"

VII: Magda Craciun: "An Ethnography of the Islamic Fashion Industry in Turkey"

VIII: Alev Cakir: "Discussing Methodological Challenges: Experiences with a Qualitative Study on the Struggle for Recognition of the Alevi Community in Austria"

IX: Elisabetta Costa: “Social Media in Southeast Turkey: Continuities and Transformations”